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As per old beliefs camphor removes negative energy and purifies the surroundings with healing energies. This brings happiness, prosperity, and peace at home.

It is advised that burning some camphor to rid it of old, stagnant or harmful energies that may be present if you have shifted to a house previously occupied by someone else.

According to Vastu Shashtra keeping camphor at home can improve relationships among family members. Misunderstandings and arguments can impact couples and family members. Camphor at home can clear the mind, elevate the mood and make one feel fresh, therefore, there is less likelihood of conflicts. If facing marital discord, light camphor in a silver or brass bowl in your bedroom daily.

Camphor oil is said to be an effective germicide, insecticide and disinfectant too. It is used in decongestant balms and cold rubs due to its strong aroma. White camphor oil provides respiratory relief. A camphor oil bath protects your aura from being impacted by negative energies.

How to Use:-
There are various ways of using camphor at home. Burning camphor during aarti is the easiest way to use camphor at home. Another way is to use camphor in a diffuser. Place either camphor essential oil or a few pieces of camphor on top of the diffuser and let the tea candle vaporize it. You can also opt for an electric aroma diffuser. The delicate aroma of camphor purifies the air and makes the home calm and tranquil. The aroma also has a healing impact and uplifts the mood.

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