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Name Numerology Workshop

Name Numerology Workshop

Numerology is a science that not just helps to analyse the meaning of each number, but also further elaborate as to how they make an impact in our lives.

Every number which appears in date of birth has some important significance in our life, similarly, numbers which are missing also tell us something.

Our name which has been chosen by our parents or someone very dear in the family have a great impact on our life. Learn the art of getting fresh insight into the inner being and true nature and a very quick system of analyzing a person using Date of Birth & Name:

Workshop will cover:

  • Characteristics and significance of numbers from 1 to 9
  • Master Numbers & Karmic Debt Numbers
  • LO-SHU-GRID- for the numbers with which we are born
  • Significance of presence of numbers
  • Significance of number of times a number is present in Date of Birth
  • Significance of missing numbers
  • Finding strengths and weaknesses
  • Your destiny number & its significance
  • Remedies for creating energies of missing numbers
  • Significance of personal year
  • Quick remedies for any area of life, health, wealth, relationships and much more.

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Fee: ₹3100 for 6 days workshop

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