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5th May - 15th May, 2024

Mobile Numerology Workshop

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Mobile Numerology Workshop*
💫Mobile Numerology Course (Basic &Advance)
⭐You will get lifetime access to all the recording lectures and pdf’s
⭐Extra gifts worth Rs 15000
Your personal wallpapers,mobile charging points according to vastu direction and lot more…
⭐Course Content –
* Calculation of Basic & Destiny number
* How to make Loshu Grid according to DOB
* Pairing of mobile number
* Compatibility of mobile number with DOB
* Malefic Combos
* Benefic Combos
* Meaning of Total of mobile number
* Money giving numbers
* Govt. Job, property related numbers
* Luxury giving numbers
* Which combos create health and relationship issues
* From which sites you can buy your new number👍🏻
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