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Crystal Magics: Beginners

Crystal Magics: Beginners

This workshop is a great way to introduce you to crystal healing & its effects.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • What are Crystals?
  • How to energise & cleanse your crystals
  • Correct use & placement of crystals
  • How to use crystals for chakra & aura balancing
  • Learn the meaning & uses of most popular crystals
  • How to achieve goals which seem tough
  • How to grow & expand business
  • How to remove negativity, black eye by keeping certain crystals near you
  • If any member of your family has been ill for a long time, then illness can be removed with crystals


Crystals can help you attract money, improve love life, improve your career, improve your health, let go of anger issues & sadness, heal your relationships & much more.

After this workshop, you will find yourself pleasantly involved in crystal energy as part of your daily life.

WhatsApp Course
Fee: ₹3,650/ 7 days

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