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Priya The Optimist is a well renowned spiritual healer and life coach with experience of around 2 decades.

She recalls that she is blessed with special psychic abilities and powers, and has been spiritually inclined and gifted since childhood. She has always been empathetic and effortlessly gets connected with people. Her childhood life encounters tell how she instantly gets connected to people’s souls, and sees & feels things that no ordinary person can!

Thanks to her gifted psychic abilities, she has helped thousands of people across the globe in overcoming serious troubles in their lives, releasing karmic debt, becoming spiritually enlightened & more.

Before becoming a professional Tarot Reader & Spiritual Coach, she used to teach in a school. However, her love for spirituality & all things divine dragged her to the profession she practices today and that’s how she is fulfilling the purpose of her life.

Moreover, Priya The Optimist is a Director at Moksha Mantra Institute of Holistic Sciences through which she imparts spiritual education globally & has also produced tarot readers, vastu experts, spiritual healers, etc. in many many Indian households.

Priya’s optimism is her best character trait, and it shines so bright that her students and clients only gave her the name ‘Priya The Optimist’ out of love & gratitude.

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