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Working with Angels

Working with Angels

This workshop comprises complete knowledge of healing & guiding for yourself & your family.

Benefits of this workshop:

  • You will be healed mentally, emotionally & physically
  • You will be free from your fears & negativity
  • You & your loved ones will be protected 24×7
  • You will be able to manifest better in life with the help of angels and archangels

As we all know, we are always surrounded by angels, and it is their divine duty to help us when called upon for the same. However, for that we should know how to invoke their energies and seek help from them.

Contents of the workshop:

  • Who are angels & guardian angels
  • Learning about 7 main archangels
  • How to take help & guidance with angels
  • How archangels help in protection and clearing the past
  • Manifestation of your wish with angels

Each participant will receive a personal guided message from the Angels as well.

WhatsApp Course
Fee: ₹ 3,333/ 7 days

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